CAL is a US based music artist and for the release of his new EP, Identity Crisis I was commissioned to animate the album artwork. 

The album artwork is a photo of CAL surrounded by shards of a mirror, each piece reflecting different parts of CALs face. We asked CAL to record himself moving into similar poses and used this footage to create an edit as if the album artwork had come life. In CG I recreated the mirror shards and animated them reflecting different parts of the footage to make the edit. This was to be shared on social media and so we created it in a way that it would loop indefinitely.
The animation was created using a combination of Cinema 4D, and After effects. I used Cinema 4D to create the mirror shards and for the edge detailing. In After Effects we were able to fill the shards with different footage and track the footage to the 3D movement we had made in Cinema 4D.

Client: CAL
Agency: CTRL 5 Studios
Animation: Ultra Studio / Andrew Gooch
Output: Social media