This project was a culmination of many of our other projects. We used photogrametry to scan a human face. This brought with it new challenges, and techniques for us to learn and try out.

When re-modeling the face we used a preset as a base and manipulated the mesh to match the photoscanned geometry. This allowed us to get a symetrical geometry, and to keep the internal mouth and teeth geometry. We also reused the eyes from the original model, but textured to match our scan. 

We then remade the UV map and re-projected the texture map from the photoscan. We used the texture map to create bump and subsurface scattering maps, and used Arnold to render. We added hair to the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. We also added hair for a very fine peach fuzz on the skin.

This project also gave us an oppotunity to improve our rigging skills. We rigged the face using bones and a pose morph. This gave us control to manipulate the face how we wanted. We aniamted the face from a reference of our model acting.

This was a very challenging project, and we took alot away from it. There are things we could definitely improve from this point. The animation, rigging and render could all be refined. The skin could also be further detailed to be more realistic. We will certainly revisit this project in the future.